Name :  Sofia

Nick Name :  fia. fie. fey. sophie.

Birthdate : 21.05.92

Birthplace:  germany

Current Location: germany

Piercings: nop

Tatoos: nop

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: nop

Vehicle: my feet^^


Food: asian & greek =)

Pub/Disc/Restaurant: venezia & de sol

Candy: schoki

Number: 21

Drink: malamatina with cola. loki. malibu.

Body Part on Opposite sex: hands

Perfume: pussy deluxe

TV Show: grey's. desperate housewives.

Music Album: what's the story (morning glory) - oasis

Actor/Actress: scarlet johanson. jessica alba. jennifer niston. katherine heigl.

This or That

McDonalds or BurgerKing: subway =)

Hot Chocolate or Coffee: coffe

Kiss or Hug: both  =)

Rap or Punk: alternative <3

Summer or Winter: summer <3

Scary Movies or  Funny Movies: I like both genres

Love or Money: love


Bedtime: regular:23.00 -> holydays: 3.00-4.00

Best phyiscal feature: eyes

First Thought Waking Up: shit.... -.-

Ambition: ...being happy ...?

Weakness: loud, chaotic,beziehungsunfähig jederlei hinsicht ...

Fears: to end up desperate, unhappy and alone...

Longest relationship: if i'll tell you, you will be scared xD


Cheated Your Partner: no...

Ever been beaten up: no...

Ever beaten someone up: noo...

Ever Shoplifted: nooo...

Ever Kissed Opposite sex: ähm...of COURSE!


Favorite Eye Color: doesn't matter

Favorite Hair Color: dark
Short or Long: short

Height: ca. 1.80

Style: normal???

Looks or Personality: defently personality

Hot or Cute: a mix of both

Muscular or Really Skinny: muscular...but not too much please


What country do

you want to Visit: america. australia. japan. spain.

How do you want to Die: O.o...???wtf??

Get along with your Parents: ...ä comment

Health Freak: no not really

Want to go to College: *yeah*

Do you Smoke: sometimes

Shower Daily:ähm...of course xD

Been in Love: too often with a broken heart i guess

Do you Sing: when no one's listening

Want to get Married: some day sure. if i've found the right guy

Do you want Children: sure... but LATER!

Hate anyone: of course...i can't love everybody! right?

The Basics
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: green-brown
Height: 1.60
Profession: student
Relationship Status: single
Religious Views: christian
My Favorites
Favorite Color: turquise, light blue
Favorite Car: chevrolet matiz
Favorite Movie: twilight, keinohrhasen
Favorite Hobby: writing. listen to music. theatre. ...& being together with my friends <3
Favorite Song/Singer: m. hatzigiannis - na meineis edw
Favorite Book/Author: teach me...don't remember the author^^ ....& twilight
Favorite School Subject: english & art <3
Favorite Vacation Destination: chalkidiki ...saint nikola =)

Favorite Restaurant: subway <3
Favorite Animal: cats. pingus.hamsters. & squirrels.
Favorite Store: zara<3

Favorite Childhood Friend: ...antje & ann
Favorite Childhood Memory: my first (right!) kiss...every kiss before doesn't count ...=)
Favorite Baby Name: leoni & panos... or LAZAROS :D lool (the last one is just a joke ) xD
Favorite Person In Your Life: the person i felt in love.....(you see...past tense)^^

This or That
Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla ...with strawberrys <3

Coke or Pepsi : coke
Beer or Wine: beeeer =) ....becks green lemon^^
Coffee or Tea: passion <3
Apple Juice or O.J.: apple juice with soda^^
Facebook or MySpace: facebook
Summer or Winter: summer. <3
Windows or Mac: windows
Cats or Dogs: cats
Boxers or Briefs: boxers!!!
Rain or Shine : sunshine^^
Chips or Popcorn: pocorn.
Salty or Sweet: sweeet =)
Plane or Boat: I <3 planes
Morning or Night: night
Movie or Play: movie
Walk or Drive: drive
Money or Love: love i guess
Breakfast or Dinner: breakfast
Forgiveness or Revenge: forgiveness
Paint or Wallpaper: paint's more creative than wallpaper =)
House or Apartment: apartment
Do You?
Have Any Pets: nooooooooo
Have Any Children: no???
Smoke: sometimes
Drink: of course =)
Exercise: ...not really xD
Spend Your Life On Facebook: no
Play On A Sports Team: no
Belong To Any Organizations: the mafia^^
Love Your Job: I'n student & i love it^^
Like To Cook: *yeah* =)
Play An Instrument: no ...but i would like to learn play guitar or piano =)
Sing: noooway^^
Dance: sometimes...
Speak Multiple Languages: german. greek. english.& spanish.
Ice Skate: I' love it^^
Swim: yeah^^
Paint: yes but only rubbish^^
Write: writing is my life^^
Ski: no...
Juggle: only with 3 apples^^
Have You Ever
Stolen Anything: no
Been Drunk Before Noon: no
Had Sex In A Public Place: no...?
Got Caught Telling A Lie: of course^^
Got A Speeding Ticket: no
Been Arrested: no

Fantasized About A Co-Worker: yup
Cheated On A Test: yes^^...who not???
Cheated In A Relationship: no
Failed A Class: no
Screened Your Phone Calls: yes^^
Eaten Food Off The Floor: noooo...
Stuck Gum Under A Desk: yes
Wished You Were Someone Else: too often^^
Cried During A Movie: come on I'm a girl...of course i did^^
Had A One Night Stand: no
Describe Yourself In One Word: undescribable

Biggest Mistake: to let him go...
Your Proudest Accomplishment: my last school record =)
#1 Priority In Your Life: my school carrier
Dream Job: teacher
Causes You Believe In: love at second! sight ...come on no one falls in love at first sight!
Special Talents: pissing everyone off???
Where Are You Right Now: @ home
Where Would You Rather Be: in his arm =)
Famous Person You Want To Meet: one?...i'm happy by having my friends...i don't need to meet celebrities
Place To Visit Before You Die: I don't care about the place as long as I'm with my loved ones^^
Song Played At Your Funeral: the fray - how to safe a life
Have you laughed until you cried: yeah^^
Have you found out who your true friends were: no...
Met someone who changed you: every person changes you...somehow
Kissed anyone on your friends list: yes
What were you doing at midnight last night: dancing
Name something you CANNOT wait for: summer =)
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom: no ...but tomtom^^
What are you listening to right now: the fray - she is <3
What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: everything???
Last time you saw your father : a few minutes ago
Most visited webpage: facebook / schuelervz
First surgery : never had one
First piercing : when I'm 18 xD
First best friend : antje
First sport you joined : tennis
First pet : never had one
First vacation : chalkidiki
First concert : kotsiras / tsaligopoulou
First crush : when i was 15...when i'remember right :s ...not sure
As of Now
Your ex and You: who of them??? xD ....mostly we are good friends :P
I am listening to: john mayer - your body is a wonderland
Maybe I should: tidy up my room :P
I love:  sex & ice??? xD
My best friend(s): have no best friends... I love all my friends the same =)
I don't understand: why love hurts???
I have lost my respect for: girly girls -.-

I will always be: naive i guess.
Love seems to: suck
I never ever want to lose: my friends =)
I get annoyed when: i see some persons who call themself your friend but behave like monkeys -.-
Do you like parties?: yup^^
Today I: meet friends and eat some ice *yummi yum*
I wish: nothing...cause it hurts too much when you don't get it

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